The 62

The 62 is a Brooklyn-based art collective that combines agricultural experimentation, electronics, engineering, design, fashion, politics and fun.

We consider our workspace a laboratory where we tinker, romanticize, cook and converse about notions of self-sufficiency, sustainability, beauty, building communities and the possibilities of using art to make that happen.

The 62 is Andrei Kallaur, Hubert McCabe, Matthew McGuinness, and Morgan Sheasby, with Cooper Gill.

Solo Exhibitions / Projects

2004 Rebicycling
The Bronx Museum of the Arts
Having received a Community Arts Projects grant we worked with ten high school students building bicycles from discarded parts culminating in a Bronx Bike Tour. The program explored issues of health, environment and transportation which are important to Bronx communities.

2004 NYC vs. Roma
Sugo Magazine, Venice Italy
Created a site specific installation with Why Style.

Public Projects / Interventions

2006 Ban Unholy Marriage
M*A*S*H, Art Basel Miami, Curated by David Hunt
Created a public mural on the exterior of the exhibition space.

2006 Curator Cluster Fuck Competition
Scope New York, Curated by Fernanda Arruda, Christopher Ho, Bill Prevdi and Andrea Salerno
Designed and bricolaged four electric go-carts.

Group Exhibitions

2007 No One Gets Out Alive
25th Anniversary Benefit Auction, Exit Art, Curated Jeanette Ingberman and Papo Colo

2006 Mobility and B(Yikes) Eccentric Mobility
Art Center College of Design, Curated by Stephen Nowlin

2006 The Studio Visit
Exit Art, Curated Jeanette Ingberman and Papo Colo
Selected artists were invited to expose their studio in a short film.

2005 Other America, The Art of the Possible or How I Learned How to Build a Sled Out of Trash
Exit Art, Curated by Exit Art, Conceptplus
A multidisciplinary arts exhibition presenting works that symbolize the undercurrents of life in the United States.

2004 It Can Change Piñata Party
Gavin Brown’s Enterprise at Passerby, Curated by Anthony Marcellini.
The piñata is an object to be destroyed.


2000-01 Fabrica, Benetton’s Communication Research Center, Catena di Villorba, Italy


2006 Fresh Dialogue 6: Friendly Fire
Edited by AIGA, James Victore
Published by Princeton Architectural Press

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Edited by Renzo di Renzo, Elisabetta Prando and Omar Vulpinari, Published by Electa, Pg 53, 54, 182, 256, 257, 434

2004 Up Against the Wall: International Poster Design
Edited by Russel Bestley and Ian Noble, Published by RotoVision, Pg 72-75

2004 Graphic Agitation 2, Social and Political Graphics in the Digital Age
Edited by Liz McQuiston, Published by Phaidon, Pg 210

Reviews / Press

2007 I.D.Magazine, January / February 2007, The I.D. 40, Pg 64

2006 Art Asia Pacific, Winter

2006, No. 51, Artists on Spirituality, by Andrew Maerkle, Pg 82

2006 Intersection Magazine, Winter

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2007 Go Ahead and Touch It!
City Sol at Solar One
A conversation about artful activism and creative community building on the front lines of New York City’s sustainability movement. With Ed Morris (The Canary Project), Natalie Jeremijenko (NYU Environmental Health Clinic), Matthew McGuinness (The 62), Kate Zidar (S.W.I.M.), Wes Rozen (Situ Studio) and Eve S. Mosher (High Water Line).

2006 Artists on Art Series
Presented by the Rubin Museum and Art Asia Pacific.

2005 Fresh Dialogue Six: Friendly Fire
Presented by AIGA, Curated by James Victore Bridging the divide between high and low tech by focusing on two studios standing at opposite sides of the field of designed objects and social responsibility. The 62 and Crye Associates.